How to Rank My Website on Google 2021

how to rank your website on google

Are you interested in improving your visibility on the web? Sadly a lot of us are looking at shortcuts. A proven fact is SEO is a long game and people looking for quick results are greeted with a sense of scepticism. How to rank high on Google is not a one day process and calls for a systematic effort at your end.

The Time is Taken to Improve Your Rankings on Google

An answer to how to increase visibility on Google does not have a definite answer. It depends. SEO is not going to take place in a vacuum and every situation copes with infinite variables. The budget, level of competition and how it stacks up against other rivals have a definite say on the rankings of your website.

The Steps to Improve Rankings in Google

As witnessed to reach the top page rankings of Google calls for a concise effort and hard work and in this RANKDECK SEO can help you from the core. The skill sets and a tinge of luck is also the need of the hour. Now let us explore the steps that would enable to improve the ranking on Google. In order to boost sales and ensuring that your website is on the first page of Google there are some steps that you can take

A Solid Foundation is a Must

A poor website infrastructure along with information architecture could doom the best of SEO campaigns. If the website becomes difficult for the users to navigate or even Google to crawl rankings could take a beating. Think on the lines of using it on a mobile platform as this is a gateway to success.

The algorithm of Google incorporates numerous signals along with machine learning to increase rankings. By tending to SEO basics you gain a definite advantage over your competitors.

Try to eradicate all duplicate content- a common scenario is multiple versions of the same page. It can be resolved by the formulation of redirect files in your htaccess file.

Mobile Optimized

The focus of Google has been mobile index first as your website has to pass this test. It means that the mobile-friendly page would be first used for ranking and indexing. Rather than avoiding a mobile ranking meltdown, it is better to double down on mobile performance and ranking.

Think on the lines of what other users are going to do on your site, why they land on your page. In fact, they have to perform those tasks in a smooth manner without any difficulties, this relates to multitasking. What would be the three main objectives of your site? Make it a point that it can be accomplished on your mobile-friendly site. Getting your website to the top of Google does call for a detailed level of mobile optimization.

Do you find your customers scrolling endlessly in order to locate the goods along with services you are going to provide? In fact, loading time is a vital cog in the wheel, especially with mobile devices.

Speed Optimization

Be it your desktop or mobile you have to continuously monitor your speed and work towards improving it. A Google Page speed tool would be a benchmark to evaluate performance.

To execute page speed optimization you need to use your favourite image editing tool. Before you go on to upload, it is possible to optimize your image by an optimizer tool and an image compression tool. Do make it a point that the dimensions of the image fit into the designated space so as to provide a structured look on your live webpage.

The moment a web browser loads a page, simultaneously a lot of resources are loaded. Browser catcher stores these resources locally. In the same way, when a user navigates to a new page it is not needed to be loaded again

Work on Links

The website owners have a habit to ignore broker links. In fact, this could lead to a less than usual user experience. Once you run a crawl with the aid of tools you can check out the errors and go on to fix them

If you are able to merge several scripts in a single file then stick to it. In this manner, there is going to be a single retrieving call to the server in order to load all the scripts.

How to improve Google search results both internal along with external links have an influence on your website rankings. By Google alert avail a notice of mentions on your site. By doing so you will be able to keep a track of your brand across the internet. There can be cases where mentions are unlinked, then you need to contact the webmaster and ask them to turn the mention on to a link.

On-Page Optimization

The aim of Google is to help you out there. In fact, they have gone on to formulate a search engine optimization for all those who are planning to promote online content via a Google search. Just like website architecture once you sort out the basics you would be way ahead of the other competitors in this line of business.

Best Practices

Firstly you can go on to direct Google about what the pages are all about. In this manner, it makes easy for Google to understand what is mentioned in the page. The format preferred by Google is Schema. The scheme is known to include, products, authors, business and more.

Though meta descriptions do not have an important role to play on the website ranking, it is important from a TCR perspective. In a way, this is going to increase your traffic.

Lastly, you can go on to create unique, creative and descriptive titles. This is in complete contrast to a series of keywords. Be aware that every page needs a unique title.


Once Google goes on to advocate a tough approach against spamming techniques or schemes anyone who is serious about digital marketing trends needs to have a long hard look. How to increase Google ranking might take a tumble in due course and its not late yet, hire RANKDECK SEO today and see the difference in your business.

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