Refund Policy at RankDeck SEO

We as a leading SEO company in India, offer cost-effective services and a best-in-class customer experience. And to ensure long-term customer relationships, we have established a transparent and hassle-free refund policy.

Kindly Note: All SEO activities are performed manually to ensure the best results and prevent errors & penalties that may occur due to any automatic or machine-generated involvement in core activities. Hence, we DO NOT provide any refund or money-back guarantee, but there is a common professional practice within all renowned and established marketing companies that RankDeckSEO follows.

● Canceling an ongoing SEO project in the middle of any service month wouldn’t be refundable. Clients cannot demand refunds for any specific part of the SEO Services. Since there is no contract and everything is transparent, clients are permitted to cancel services before the beginning of the new service month in case of not getting 100% satisfaction. But, 15 days of relaxation period is required to improve the services to put forth final efforts. If there are other reasons for canceling the SEO services, clients will first contact the project manager so that we can resolve the concern if possible.

● All the credentials will be provided to you after ending the contract.

● All backlink services are final and non-refundable for any cause.

● Neither we nor any other SEO company can guarantee #1 SERP in Google or other search engines. Therefore, being 100% honest and transparent with the clients, we share the reality.

● Here at RankDeckSEO, we understand that monetary issues shouldn’t affect the quality of our services. Therefore, the month of services that you avail from our professional SEO Executives is billed in advance. You are always billed in advance for the month of SEO services that are to be offered. Once, the accounts will be paid, the SEO experts will continue rendering SEO Services for the next month.

Note: NO cancellation or refund request will be entertained for the services that the marketing team will render on special occasions at a discounted price. These limited offers and deals cannot be canceled or refunded.

Let’s explain by the fact that we put 100% efforts into rendering quality SEO services which are subjected to be demolished by the Search Engine Robots and changes in the ranking algorithms. Sometimes, there are some updates that left SEO executives perplexed and all their hard work ruins. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a 100% refund, but to follow the nature and practice of the marketing company, we allow the customers to cancel with a notice written 15-days in advance.

RankDeckSEO strives to be honest and transparent to both temporary or permanent customers. It has to be clear that the invoices need to be paid before the first of every month so that SEO services will be performed.

Please Note: We DO NOT guarantee to rank the client’s website in the top 10 SERP because ranking depends on various factors.

RankDeck SEO reserves the right to change the above refund policy anytime without any prior notice.