10 Deadly Mistakes That May Ruin Your Website Appearance

deadly mistakes that may ruin your website appearance

Holding your position in the highly competitive market with user-friendly website design is not an easy task. Even a small mistake can ruin the design of your website, by affective your rankings as well as user-friendliness. To stand in the ocean of competition, you need to have a highly competitive framework for your website design. If you are in deception that only adding the crispy textures and beautiful animations are enough for a marvelous website, then you are wrong. Because simplicity is the key, to win over the hearts of your audience.

Here given are the mistakes, that most of the companies admit related to the website design;

1) Complex navigation of the website

It’s a simple and ground rule that website navigation should be simple. The complex navigation of the website featured with the odd placement of the menu, several numbers of useless submenus, a style which is non- standard and label without the specific description. The whole point, your website should not be tough for your users. Don’t ruin your chance to welcome the visitor without any hassle.

The best solution, you can acquire is to make a menu in a horizontal pattern with a proper description of tags. Make sure you have a clear, visible search box, on the upper right and upper left side.

2) Use of Free web design software

Here comes the biggest sin, that most of the small firm companies are admitting, relying upon the free software for their website design. Some of the software allows its customers to build an application within minutes. You need to stay away from these offerings as they can create problems in the future. So if you are thinking where problems lie in these options, the answer is clear, that due to the same lines for every code of the website. It affects the loading time of the website which leads to slow down the server and causes lag in the performance level. Hence the clear cut solution for this is, to avoid the use of free software; instead, you can use umpteen free software for web design. They work best for every business to provide well responsive and intuitive website design.

3) Not enabling the Zoom feature on Mobile phones

Now the Smartphone is getting more and smarter, due to their advancement and easy portability audience has replaced desktops with their mobile phones for browsing. Now the point is if you consumers open up your website and not able to zoom the text of the image they will switch to another website. Here you are losing your genuine audience, so to fix it, you need to optimize the mobile-friendly design of your website. Make sure you end up by adding the features of the phone like Zooming in and Zooming out.

4) Bad Typography

Why make it difficult if you can easily make it easy and readable for your audience. If you are using sound typography, then you are offering an effortless reading to your readers. While if you are ignoring it and using an unmatched combination of fonts can show the signs of bad typography. You can fix this by using the distinguishable letters to enhance the readability. And keep the length of lines precise. Always keep in mind the design of mobile by selecting the size of the text.

5) Untidy Pages

IF your website is full of texts and graphics this makes the web page more distracting and makes information less accessible. Here you should use white spaces to clear the content. By using the white space you can make distinguish key spaces for your content. If you are not using whitespaces, then you won’t be able to keep your objects in a sequence.

You can fix this by acquiring the approach” not to overhaul your page with unusual texts and graphics. Embrace the present white spaces, and try to keep the designs which are less congested with the white spaces.

6) Use of Orphan pages

An orphan page on the web page is not capable to get an easy way back to the website. It would be a shame for you if your visitors are not able to redirect back to the website. Due to the advent of the content management system, now orphan pages are not common. So if somehow you are also considering the landing approach for your home page, you should remove the orphan pages and other links.

7) No having visible contact information

Your content information is an important medium through which your customers can make contact with you. And if you are not considering it, you are making a big mistake. It creates an annoying situation for the visitors thus be smart and have accurate contact information so that you will make a genuine impression. Make sure your content information is noticeable. be sure with this by inserting the details in the sidebar, header or the footer.

8) Overusing of interstitials

These are the ads that invade the foremost web page. Even being an annoying one they also drag penalties from Google. Filling your page with the interstitials, you are going to make your full screen bad as UX. To fix this issue you can use interstitials sparingly, even if this is avoidable they are easy to use when demandable according to the content.

9) Less use of website Analysis

Another major sin that most of the companies admit is not properly pay attention to the website analytics. You can do website analysis by using the Google webmaster tools or other identical tools. With the help of Google webmaster, it becomes easy to trace the number of visitors and your conversion rate.

10) Scroll jacking:

A huge blunder that people make while working on their web design. Scroll jacking is the process; when designers manipulate the scroll bar to work differently on the page of their website. By adding the animation and having a fixed scroll point this can be done by the designers. Anyhow this can be noticed on the websites, which do not include the vertical layout instead uses the slides. Due to its ability to fit well in the advertisement, the webmaster prefers this. But it haunts the usability and appealing visual appearance.

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