An Overview of Coronavirus

coronavirus covid19

Coronavirus is on a world tour and has gone on to become a major health concern that the world has witnessed in the last decade. It did go on to emerge from a meat and seafood market of Wuhan in China in the month of December. With the passage of time, it has spread to other countries and currently, Italy has gone on to overtake China in terms of death rates.

In spite of the fact Wuhan along with China being quarantined this virus has made its presence in several countries of the world. If figures are an indicator it is 70 countries at an international level. The death rates associated with this medical issue is one of the major concerns and lack of cure is a problem adding to his health ailment.

Coronavirus and How Deadly it has Become

A virus that is present in animals and it can be transmitted from animals to humans, further it can be transferred from one human being to another.

The public health officials are of the view that the virus is less deadly than the SARS that did go on to kill 10 % of the people who did succumb to this outbreak in 2002. Though epidemiologists are trying to figure out how deadly this virus can become.

Though 2 % of the reported cases have turned out to be grave experts feel that the death rate can be a lot lower. The reason is like an outbreak or a mild illness it might not be reported. Just like respiratory disorders the older people and someone who is prone to diabetes or high blood pressure are at an increased risk. Even earlier studies have proven that men are at higher risk.

Just like other diseases, there could be a lot of variation in the way by which people respond to this disease. There are going to be people with risk factors who would recover well or people with severe cases who are not going to be understood. Evidence is available that kids are more prone to corona .virus.

The virus is zoonotic. The moment virus emerges in a person it can spread to others via a respiratory droplet. In a way, this ceases to be a technical name for the wet stuff that is going to move through the air when you sneeze or cough. Any viral material remains in the droplets and this can be transmitted via your windpipe or lungs. This virus can lead to an infection. Researchers are of the opinion that this virus would have passed from bats to animals, either in the form of snakes and then passed on to human beings. The transmission might have taken place in the open food market of Wuhan China.

The symptoms

Doctors are coming out with new versions of this virus every day. At an initial level, the virus might not cause a lot of symptoms. This virus may be there in your body for 2 days or 2 weeks before you go on to witness symptoms. The common symptoms that might emerge from this virus are

  • Shortness of breath
  • A cough that could become severe over due course of time
  • Low-grade fever where a gradual increase of temperature is seen

Till now the full list of symptoms is being investigated.

The Prevention of Coronavirus

The best way to restrict the spread of coronavirus is to limit your contact with people who are showing symptoms of this virus or any form of respiratory infection. Another tip that you can follow is good hygiene that is going to spread virus and bacteria from spreading

  • You need to wash your hands at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water. Now how long are 20 seconds as this would be chanting ABC?
  • Do not touch your face, mouth, eyes with your dirty hands
  • Do not go out if you are having fever and showing flu-like symptoms
  • From anyone who is coughing or sneezing stay 3 feet away
  • When you are coughing or sneezing close the inside of your mouth with your hand. Even you have to throw the tissues that you are using.
  • Do clean your objects that you use a lot. Disinfectants on objects like computers, mobile phones have to be used from time to time.

The Diagnosis of Coronavirus

The diagnosis of coronavirus is on similar lines as other viral infections. It is done with blood, tissue or a saliva sample. Every state does have its own testing procedures and doctors can call those labs on how the process of testing has been done. The moment any symptoms appear you have to get in touch with your doctor.

The Treatments Available for Coronavirus

Till date, there is no approved treatment available for corona or be it curing the infection. In fact, a lot of treatments along with vaccines are under study. The focus of the treatment is to minimize the symptoms while the virus follows the routine course.

The moment you show up any symptoms of the virus it is better to consult your doctor. The doctor is going to recommend or suggest a treatment on the basis of the complications. With viruses like SARS and MERS there is no form of treatment and some form of treatment for such virus would mean blood plasma transfusions.

Other than this there are several options for getting the virus screened in the form of routine visits by your doctor. There are some providers who allow you to call for visits via a smartphone or a laptop meaning that you do not have to step out of your home.


For starters do not panic. There is no need to be quarantined or for you to wear a mask till you are confirmed patient of the virus. By following a few guidelines along with practices of proper hygiene you can stay away from the virus. Even if you have been diagnosed with the virus stay calm and follow the instructions of your doctor. This would go a long way in spreading the virus.

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