More than 50% of internet users do not browse beyond the first page of Google results before selecting the link that interests them. A good SEO specialist or positioning agency will, with the passage of time, create a quality site for your company, with original and creative content, so that Google and other search engines place you in those desired positions that generate so much business. The correct use of SEO tools is essential if you want to let you know and get your products or services to your potential customers.

Importance of Web Positioning or SEO

As fundamental as the quality of your web page, is the promotion of it in the search engines. In fact, and after the latest algorithm updates from Google, they are intimately related concepts in the SEO world. Having a well-positioned website means multiplying visits to your page and as a consequence increase your chances of getting new clients.

The SEO has to do with optimizing a web page to adjust it to the quality requirements of search engines and at the same time increase its popularity on the internet with links and mentions, so that it is in the top positions of natural results.

To Get Good SEO from a Web Page, SEO Specialist Must Work Several Aspects of it:

• Original and quality content

• Structure of the site

• META tags

• Keywords

• Index-ability of the web

RankDeck SEO Specialist Service

In RankDeck best SEO specialist, we are experts in the design from scratch of Web Positioning strategies. Our SEO services are designed to optimize your website in a way that achieves greater relevance in Google and other search engines. To achieve this, we carry out a powerful online campaign through which we get your website to appear in the top positions when a search is carried out by the word or set of appropriate words.

Positioning your website in the top positions of the main search engines is not a quick process. The most normal thing is that it takes several weeks or even months. The Web Positioning requires an initial analysis in which we will agree with the client the appropriate keywords to the market niche of your business, those for which you are interested in appearing in the search engine.

After this first study, and after optimizing internally the website in case of detecting any problem, we will proceed to initiate a set of actions that, in the medium term, will make the web visible in the search engines and, therefore, for the clients.

Price of an SEO Campaign - Professional SEO Specialist

At RankDeck SEO, we understand that each client is and has different needs. We do not intend to sell you the "complete pack" of our services. We sit down with you and study your business, looking for the solution that best suits you. We think not only to get the best results, but also to adjust the investment to your pocket.

The price of an SEO campaign depends completely on the size of the company to be promoted, on the quantity and specialization of the services that it requires, on the competence, on the number of hours of dedication required ... We will strive to find the best solution for you, so that you get the best results with a consistent investment.