Impact of Google AMP on SEO

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Before approving, SEO need to examine how they want a new emphasis, the price of implementation and maintenance and whether elevated visibility leads to increase revenue. Google structured framework has been the lookout to its Top Stories carousel, a search conclusion that contributes enhanced visibility for publishers whose content comes in. Now the company has disclosed plans to lift the AMP foundations on Top Stories, the framework investigation with some SEO indicating that Google has a history of introducing new attributes and appearance only to cease them few years after.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, it was an initiative taken by the Google which would help the website designers to make the pages mobile-friendly. AMP would help load the pages to the mobile devices instantly.

As in today’s world, most of the visitors are operating from mobile devices, therefore, to keep up with the pace of the time, Google in February 2016 officially integrated the AMP results to the mobile search results. After this algorithm, the speed of the mobile devices boosted incredibly.

Now, marketers are aware that Google AMP is one of the factors to rank their websites, thus, this is also included in the areas where marketers focus their efforts. Google AMP has a huge impact on the website ranking, therefore, the more you able to understand it, the more it is good for your business to boom. Whether you are operating from your computer system or mobile device or any other device, speed of the website is an essential factor in the website ranking. The better the speed of the website, it is an affirmative factor in ranking higher. Google with the help of this newly built algorithm tries to maximize the creation of the AMP.

What is AMP?

This Google AMP is totally based on HTML 5. This is formed with the simplest form of codes that let the web publishers to design the pages that could be loaded in minimum seconds. This feature tremendously increases the loading time of the website. This also results in the increment of the bounce rate.

Basically, AMP is open-source which is backed by Google in order to enhance the mobile-optimized pages including images and videos, and also every form of content that could be loaded instantaneously on your mobile device. It is powered by JavaScript and CSS3. One of the main reasons why the delivering of the content is too speedy is that the pages are cached.

What is the Importance of AMP?

The need of the speed is the reason for the born idea of the Google AMP. And this will also impact SEO and other factors as well.

Understanding AMP is an important factor, especially for those who want to stay in the top tier of the game. Also, Google AMP will impact the SEO and other efforts that you will focus on to reach the top website rankings. AMP has become such important part of the website due to the fact that Google consider and even prioritize AMP in the search engines.

How Google AMP will affect SEO?

Speed of the site is an important factor in deciding the rank of the website. Therefore, AMP is an important factor to rank high on Search engines. Due to this reason, AMP will affect SEO. If we compare two sites with comparable SEO content and variable speed. Then, the one with the higher speed would get precedence. This shows how the speed of the website could affect SEO rankings. If your website is mobile friendly and has passed high-speed test, then there is considerably more probability of getting the success in website ranking.

What are the limitations of Google AMP?

The purpose of the AMP is to make the website load fast. But, as AMP is built upon basic HTML 5, so, in order to give your website speed like fire, you have to let all the attractive bells and whistles go because it might not work with AMP. This works amazingly with the basic content, graphics, images, and videos, but the problem arises with the advanced code as AMP is not compatible for it yet. The use of AMP limits the advanced coding of the page. Thus, an incredible factor, the speed of the website comes with a cost. Hence, there are many limitations in the use of Google AMP on your site.

How these limitations Effects?

As AMP is based on basic HTML 5, therefore, most of the sophisticated designs and the extensive functionality of the website needs to be compromised. Using AMP on your site implies, prioritizing the speed of the website and compromising the design as well as the functionality of your site.

How AMP will affect Analytics?

For AMP users, it is a bit difficult to get the accurate results of the analytics as it is not clear from where the content is get loaded. It also restricts the cookie, thus, making the identification of the visitors typical. Due to such reasons, using AMP makes the tracking difficult or uncertain.

Future of the Google AMP

AMP is great way to boost the speed of the website, but along with the promising factors it also owns certain limitations which is making the future of the AMP uncertain. With the course of time, how popular it gets will define the success of the AMP. If most of the websites owners’ priories the speed over designing, then it would become standard.

Until then, it is still a question whether AMP is the promised future of the mobile responsive web?

So far, the graph of the future AMP is tends to uplift as it supports and delivers the high ranking websites. And not to forget, AMP has still a lot to improve. With time and popularity of the system will decide that Google AMP will have future or otherwise. But this mainly will depend on the factor that will marketers compromise with the limitations of the AMP to rank higher on search engines.

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