Beat the Competition and Get Top Ranking with these Quick Fixes

get top ranking with these quick fixes

This is common in today’s people, despite having a well-looking website, they didn’t get top ranking. It is quite frustrating but it is it.

Here below given is the reason, why it happens along with the solutions.

You have the best-looking website even in the world, but if you are not visible to the audience then you won’t get any leads or even sales. Well, the question is what to do to be part of Google’s first page?

The majority of searches are done Google, and it has the most visited websites on its first page. The first page of Google is really important if you are a business owner and want to about the fixes to earn a first-page ranking.

So if the performance of your website is not well and you want some Fast Track solutions then pay attention to these given solutions by understanding the core of problems.

Your Competitors

Just face reality; there are so many business owners who are more successful and the biggest competition for your industry. This might be the reason you are not ranking well on the first page of Google.

How can you check for competitors?

You can keep an eye on your competitors, by searching for your products and services. This will indicate the weight and size of your competitors. When you search with your products; you will get results although not every result would be relevant they are still your competition. Here you can track the level of competition and even the rate of searches.

Chances are very slim if you don’t take major steps about this.

What can you do about your competition?

You can fix this by targeting your audience. Just focus on a particular audience rather than targeting the entire huge market. For example, if you are targeting your audience with the keyword” Jewelry for sale” then you should first insist on the local audience around you.

Here you need to be practical and if you have competition with the big firm then you may have to change your strategy in the long run.

When your website is not indexed by the Google

If you are a newbie and your website is not displaying on Google, it is because Google hasn’t indexed your website

How to find out; if your website is indexed or not.

Well, you need to find out, whether your website is indexed or not.

All you need to do is to use a prefix on Google search. That is site: (without the “www.” and “/”)

If you will get to see your website on the search results then you can be calm down. And somehow if you are not able to find out yourself on the top ranking then most likely you are not indexed by Google.

How can you index your website with Google?

Eventually, Google will find out your website, but it may take a few weeks or days. Not only is this something is running wrong with your website that you don’t know will keep you in line for some weeks. Here you can fix this problem by adding your website to Google Search Console. This way Google will know about the pages you want to show in the search results along with its speed. If your website has some technical issues then this will be displayed on your website

Structure of your website is not mobile-friendly

Mobile-first indexing nowadays important for every website, otherwise, Google will not index your website.

With the advancements in Mobile phones, most of the searches are happening through mobiles not desktops. Seriously if your website is not mobile-friendly, then this can badly impact your ranking. Ideally, your website should be responsive when viewed on Smartphone or any other device. If users find it difficult to pinch then they will immediately switch.

What to do for a responsive website design

You need to have a conversation with your website designer. Well, it is not expensive, and if you have created your website on WordPress then by installing the WordPress theme you can make it responsive. Even you can buy the plugin to make it responsive to the same previous theme. But in the worst-case scenarios, you have to re-design your website. Converting the old website into a new one is not that easy, you may have to spend more money on the entirely new design. This factor is extremely vital for SEO and better user experience.

Meta tags not optimized

Meta tags are used by the Search engine to figure out what your website is about. Every page of the website has its unique set of Meta tags and it is easy to optimize the content of the page. Some part of this information is displayed on the search results where you can make modifications, according to the users.

How to improve the structure of Meta titles

Meta tags can impact search engine rankings. Here are a few tips to improve them.
Use the length of the specific keyword should be under 55 characters.

How can you improve your Meta descriptions?

However, the Meta descriptions don’t count for the ranking but it affects the click-through rate. That’s why it is important.

  • It should be under 155 characters.
  • Call to action should be included such as the contact number of the company so that people can get in touch easily.

Lack of well-optimized content

If you haven’t optimized your content for a website then you need to it in a hurry. Believe it or not, but Google needs your quality content to satisfy its users. Good content will keep your On-Page SEO on track.

What you can do

Just keep the content of your website fresh and qualitative. Optimized it, with the specific keywords, Meta titles, and Meta descriptions.

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