Generate Huge Traffic with These Advanced SEO Techniques

generate huge traffic with these advanced seo techniques

From the past years, the beating heart of the search engine optimization hasn’t changed. Still, you need to focus on creating valuable content, with high-quality links by prioritizing the trending keywords.

Seamlessly to enhance the quality of search engine results, Google keeps updating its algorithms.

Here are 10 advanced SEO techniques which you need to learn if you want top ranking.

Prioritize Mobile-First Ranking

Hopefully, you must be aware of Google’s new update that is mobile-first indexing. lett get clear with the idea, here is the guide that you need to remember about the mobile-first indexing.

Mobile-first indexing is here. This states that if you have a website then it needs to be suitable on desktop as well as on the Mobile phone. an important aspect is that the mobile version of your website can be easily preferably on the desktop. 90% of the generation search for the phone, to provide a better experience to customers Google made this announcement, “Websites who are design incorporate with the mobile phone will get fast ranking. If you don’t have a mobile responsive website, then you can take this action now. Further important point is to create content by keeping the design of mobile in Mind, this will allow you to choose the content which can be readable over the phone

Better Optimization of Speed

In the past days the speed of website page matters, but after the Mobile-first indexing the speed of the page doesn’t matters, instead of this optimization level does matter. If you want to compare the level of your website optimization and the page speed, with the help of Page speed insights tool you can achieve this.

Start Writing Long Blog Posts

Over the time, value of quality content is increasing, because of the competition. Without any doubt, this is the vital factor that truly affects the ranking on SERPs. If you want to improve the ranking of your website, you cannot afford to avoid the creation of quality content. Specifically, the blog posts are meant to cover the whole information in a beautiful format which can be easily understandable to the audience. However, this also generates the concept of lengthy blog posts. With a single SEO technique, you cannot expect high ranking, you need to strike as hard as you can to balance the quality and quantity for better search engine optimization.

Do Not Forget the Value of Old Content

Somehow, fresh and new content is the core concept of SEO technique, but don’t lose your attention to the old content. You can abstract from the informational pieces from the old content. Go through the old peace of your blog posts and find out if any article is relevant. It is advisable to update the old content despite writing the new content. You can do this by updating the headlines and even adding some current facts or examples.

Get Quality Backlinks

Let’s understand the value of quality backlinks when a website gets a link from the high domain authority website, it aids in the credibility of your website. You can gain the edge over the competition with the help of Quality backlinks. The search engine accepts the quality backlinks as a source of reliability. So you are likely to get a higher rank on the SERPs if your website has a large number of quality backlinks. Guest blogging and collaboration both can help you to get quality backlinks, as well as from the social media it is possible to get link even without asking. But make sure, spammed links can distort the reputation of your website.

Research Your Keywords Well

Audience when doing Google research they use some specific keywords for the information they are seeking. Before you make your articles and content make sure the use of keywords that the audience is searching for. It is the simplest way to figure out what is trending and what people are searching for. Based on their choices and needs, you can optimize your content. choice of right keywords can increase your chances to draw the huge traffic towards your website. FOr the better research of keywords you can use tools like;

  • Moz
  • SEmrush
  • Uber suggest
  • Google Keyword planner.

For this, you need to type the targeted keyword, and the tool will give you the insight of keyword trending, with the monthly searches of specific keywords. Even these tools fetch the right combination of all trending tools, whereby you can choose the relevant keywords.

Post Your Content on Social Media

Relying on a single platform cannot bring success, you need to gain credibility with the use of other platforms like social media ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Building a good brand image over social media can bring leads and traffic to your website. They are obvious factors, you should look after them. There are platforms like Quora and Slideshare where the public is seeking content; you can reach out to the relevant audience by remaining active on these platforms with the quality content.

Create Good Website Architecture

The website structure is also an important factor. The structure of the website puts the first impression of your work and company. If you are not an expert, you can consult with the website designing companies, and take the help of experts. In the early phases when you have less content, you can focus on the architecture of your website. Organize the design of your website with well-defined categories and subcategories, so that the audience can easily get the information they are looking for.

Make More Video Content

In Google’s World content is the king but video content rules these days. Isn’t a surprise that video content is more appealing because 80% of the public engage more with the video content.
Now video content is the advance part of SEO as Google features video results with every query at the top. To take advantage of this strategy, you need to keep making the video content. Here you need to use the keywords smartly in titles and the whole article.

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